Of course, we need it. If not, 400 members would have not attended this webinar on a Sunday morning by forgoing their family time on a day's notice for an organizational event which is yet to be launched. It is quite evident that the zeal with which the attendees have raised concerns & expressed the need to have such a platform is to be acknowledged.

Yes, undoubtedly we are lagging behind. We are not in the race at this stage. The kind of economic upliftment they have done in their community is significantly advanced

Yes, we have immense talent, potential & passion to compete. All we need is a platform to build our capacity collectively. We will certainty keep pace with other community businesses very soon.... Insha Allah.

Of course. Perhaps IICCB is the first of its kind - an organization, which has around 100 members on board with a pool of talent, but still scouting for good leadership in the open arena. It shows the clear intention of IICCB that we are not a set of power-hungry individuals. We want the best deserving candidate to occupy the chairs & lead from the forefront. Hence IICCB has called for applications for all key positions & opened its doors based on merit & without any discrimination or prejudice

No, it is not. It is a business chamber which facilitates businesses & young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals by using their own community platform to increase their productivity, competency, efficiency & growth.

No, it is a pure business chamber to act as a facilitator & mediator to develop our community businesses & its skills.

Our Vision & Objective is much larger than others', as we believe that our first leap itself to reach the masses has set the direction, whether it is to address our vision, share our progress report or identify leaders, it is evident that the IICCB has courage & commitment from day one to promote inclusiveness of all sections of our community & to encourage each one to dream big. The idea of this chamber is not to compete with others, rather it is to unite & collaborate with all small, medium & large chambers & create a single force to represent ourselves monumentally.... together we want to create an Identity of muslims in economic world, In Sha Allah.

No, It is meant for all. Starting from a tailor to tractor owner, a student to a corporate giant, a tea maker to a diamond merchant. Any individual can become a member & use this platform for his/her business development.