Sl NoMembership ServicesGeneral ServiceSpecial ServiceWomen Entreprenuers
1 B2B Meetings Yes No Yes
2 Information Desk/ Help Desk Yes No Yes
3 Liaison Office No Yes No
4 Investment Pool Yes No Yes 6 Knowledge Sharing Sessions Yes No Yes
5 Skill Development (By the Members, for the Members) Yes No Yes
4 Investment Pool Yes No Yes 6 Knowledge Sharing Sessions Yes No Yes
7 Host Business Delegations at National & International Levels Yes No No
8 Ministerial Delegation for Govt. Scehemes Yes No Yes
9 Manpower Demand and Supply Yes No Yes
10 Technological Advancement & Talent Yes No Yes
11 Empowering New Women Entrepreneurs Yes No Yes
12 Centralised Information & Business Directory Yes No Yes
13 Business Sustenance, Growth & Self-Reliance Yes No Yes
14 Bluechip Talent for Future No Yes Yes
15 Services with corporate governance for SMEs & MSMEs No Yes Yes
16 Re-engineering Business Models for growth, sustenance, and leadership Yes No Yes
17 Benefit from Best practices Yes No Yes
18 Bringing technological advancement and know how to entrepreneurs No Yes No
19 Arbitration to resolve conflict with compromising solutions Yes No Yes
20 Sponsor professionals for skill upgrades Yes No Yes
21 Promote SME products for Global Online marketing Yes No Yes
22 Video conferencing facilities Yes No Yes
23 Social gathering linked growth Yes No Yes
24 External investors channel for new business opportunities through IICCB Yes No Yes
25 Reviewing the stressful businesses (Re-org, finance, expertise) Yes No Yes
26 Preliminary legal assistance to connect and expand businesses through IICCB No Yes No
27 Provide trainings on Business etiquettes Yes No Yes
28 Offer donations to the needy Yes No Yes
29 Business Ideas and Innovation promotions Yes No Yes
30 Promote cross-border opportunities through Foreign embassies data No Yes No
31 Provide consultancy of Government funded National & International projects No Yes No
32 Share Information of Government Tenders of Indian and International Markets No Yes No
33 Provide skilled resources information of community to other nations Yes No Yes
34 Develop Manager skills of mid-level companies to uplift their businesses Yes No Yes
35 Conduct LDP, MDP programs from renowned national & International institutions No Yes Yes
36 Distributor business opportunity of foreign products No Yes Yes
37 Maintain Freelancers, Consultant’s information for temporary assignments Yes No Yes
38 Conduct educational fair Yes No Yes
39 Develop special offerings for low budget housing for poor through government Yes No Yes
40 Promote family business to next level to compete as corporate No Yes Yes
41 Help Business to follow international audits and standards (ISO, HEPA, FSSAI) No Yes Yes
42 Prioritize education in youths and to represent in government jobs Yes No Yes
43 Create a body to charter Govt scheme to be used fully Yes No Yes
44 Regular Newsletters with important information to IICCB members Yes No Yes
45 Organize training and development programs on civic sense Yes No Yes
46 Provide Reliable preliminary data of member for community business Yes No Yes
47 Provide support to develop educational and healthcare organizations No Yes Yes
48 Reverse innovation Yes No Yes

Member Services & Benefits

Scope shall be divided into: Business to Business(B2B) meetings, Business to Government (B2G) meetings and Business to Customers (B2C) meetings. Meetings shall be further grouped based on Industry, Region or Size (Large, Medium, Small and Micro).

Information is gathered and database maintained from different sources (Government, Policy, distribution, Agencies, etc.) and disseminated to respective members according to categories. Information from the chamber shall also be made available free of charge.

This is General Service for all members.

Assistance in department related issues, such as expediting licenses to set up plants or getting clearances. Agency works to help and bridge the gap between organizations (Government, Ministries, Govt Departments, etc.) and the end user. While setting up big projects in different sectors, one officer shall liaise across different departments and support members to setup the facility. Chamber cannot give commitments, but it is only to offer service, the decisions are made with the respective departments. The liaison office may have internal team members who will support its function.

This is Special Service on demand.

Two type of funds as Investments:

1. Equity

2. Debts.

In Islam Equity is allowed, Debt category is allowed without Riba (Interest). Equities should be of Sharia based companies. Chamber shall not invest directly, it only facilitates and brings investors, and oversees the progress and value of the projects. Chamber will make feasibility studies and offerings of the projects and inform the members about investment opportunities and risks. There can be criteria related to Riba, if the project owner wants to do investments through IICCB, then there can be no additional Investment involving Riba from other sources. IICCB shall not be responsible for profits or losses and work on Zero risk factor.

Chamber will also allow Non-Muslim projects for investment opportunity.

Investor and owner need to understand and adhere to the Ethics of the chamber.

Once the project is listed, the risks and opportunities about the project are to be clearly detailed and agreed upon by Owner and Investor in writing.

Funds shall be sourced by means of Crowd funding, micro finance, debt restructuring, Joint ventures, etc.

This is General Service for all members.

Variety of Training in different areas like Automobiles, Construction, Mechanical will be provided under IICCB the ownership. Training can be for current market demand or specific skill development for existing or new projects. Successful completion shall be marked by Certification.  The objective is to support the community and to utilize the offerings from Governments. Activities shall include:

– Social training programs.

– Groom youngsters to qualify for the opportunity.

– Tap the opportunities.

– Tap the financial resources available from government and other sources.

– Document the skills needed.

– Arrange internal or external trainers.

– Certify to qualify.

– Offer attractive packages.

This is General Service for all members.

Sharing experience and expertise from people, teams, organizations, Government-secretaries as lectures, webinars and conferences to members of IICCB. Senior subject matter specialists shall be invited in star hotels for 30 to 60 minute sessions.

This is General Service for all members.

Professional teams shall be delegated to other states and countries in order to promote Indian Muslims owned businesses, enhance business skills of budding entrepreneurs, effect exchange of opportunities, conduct investors’ meets and arrange for foreign delegation representations. IICCB shall make arrangements for travel, accommodation, B2B sessions with potential partners, seminars, presentations and networking dinners wherever applicable.

Indian investment overseas, for development is about 56 billion dollars. There is tremendous potential for Indian businesses with transparency in tender process and lucrative profit margins. Capability to execute projects, strong local partners and goodwill facilitate winning projects. We shall invite foreign investors/other business chambers to visit our members’ businesses to find new opportunities.

IICCB aims to act as coordinator/intermediary for our business community and help negotiate with government departments to access government schemes and assure that benefits reach our community.

This is General service for all members.

IICCB shall identify manpower needs of our community businesses & engage our talent pool with the businesses, create job portals and organize job fairs /recruitment drives for them.
This is General Service for all members.

Identify technology needs & demands across industry & supply adequate resources to the talent pool of our community. Consultants with niche experience, industry understanding, and problem-solving abilities will be available through IICCB for consultation.

This is General Service for all members.

IICCB shall identify suitable business opportunities for women and provide guidance till the establishment of their operations. Ideas shall be studied for feasibility by IICCB experts and robust opportunities/projects will be made available to women entrepreneurs subsequently. Budding entrepreneurs having the right aptitude shall be assisted with the required skills and competencies.

This is General Service for all members.

Develop business directory like yellow pages of Muslim community from India & other countries and make it available online and in print form. This shall be an open-access directory for the entire community.

This is General Service for all members.

Members will get training on specific areas of interest to skills and add value to manage their business more efficiently.

To sustain business growth such that the business owners are abreast with latest trends and demands. Objective is to assist in getting the right skill for continuity of business and reduce dependency. This could be a family-based business, Micro or Small-scale industry.

This is General Service for all members.

Chamber will conduct workshops every year and hunt talent to place them at top high-profile positions at national and International levels.

We believe there are always exceptional people in all teams. Chamber will groom the professionals in their respective fields with required sponsorship and support.

This is Special Service for selected members.

Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), Micro, Small, and Medium sized Enterprises (MSMEs). Corporate governance is to make the organizations follow the statutory requirements, such as legal, law, HR, financial and moral obligations, etc… Most Muslim businesses do not follow corporate governance. Identifying such businesses and helping them implement processes into their operations shall be the aim of IICCB. Long term benefits of such businesses with right practices, ethics, processes, etc. would be that International companies prefer to do businesses with partners who are competent and have good systems and processes in place.

This is Special Service for specific eligible members.

Chamber shall offer the road map and direction to unorganized sectors to structure their business models to upgrade & get a level playing field with other mainstream businesses.

Chamber can also have a vertical of basic popular needs of small-scale business.

The younger generation needs to take advantage of this offering especially those who are successors of a family-run business.

This is a General Service for all members.

The chamber shall share case studies and success stories with members at regular intervals to boost morale and encourage others to implement. This shall be done by bringing experienced leaders who can share their experiences.

This is a General Service for all members.

The chamber shall invite members to visit new advanced manufacturing plants & the organizations to have direct face to face experiences to understand new initiatives, technology, process and innovations. The initiative is to bring new innovations to IICCB members.

This is a Special Service for specific members.

Members will get a platform wherein they can bring their business conflicts to settle at preliminary levels under chambers arbitration cell. The Arbitration cell will try to resolve and provide compromising formulas to conflicts to avoid court cases & unnecessary legal tussles.

Community Lawyers, Judges, IAS, KAS officers shall be in the panel for settlements. The outcome is productivity, time-saving, financial gain and can spare time to focus on the main business.

This is a General Service for all members.

Provide sponsorships to students, teachers, and professionals to upgrade their skills & knowledge from time to time with the latest methodology. This is more of social responsibility for the community, to be up to date and help them for better careers in their respective professions.

This is a General Service for all members.

The chamber shall offer a platform to list their brands on the portal and social networking sites to connect global businesses for better market leverage.

The chamber will have sub-portal for each of verticals to showcase the product’s availability. The available information within IICCB will help small companies to have easy access. Also, entrepreneur members can get internal feedback from the community before the product is launched in the open market. The Platform will offer research data in the form of community inputs and market the product.

This is a General Service for all members.

The chamber shall offer video conferencing facilities to members to have dialogues with other members. This will help members in connecting the right people and to have good turnaround time for their business requirements.

This is a General Service for all members.

The chamber shall organise social events to know each other, interact and share new business ideas and experiences. This will be helpful to keep the momentum and to strengthen bonding between businesses. Achievements shall be recognised to encourage members to work towards bigger causes for the community.

This is a General Service for all members.

The chamber shall invite foreign investors and other business chambers to visit our members’ businesses to find new opportunities.

This is reverse of the delegation process explained already. This is to bring the foreign and external delegations to show the details of members’ business, and to facilitate the complete program.

This is a General Service for all members.

The chamber will provide professional assistance in debt restructuring, organisation restructuring, asset re-structuring to businesses under stress.

Generally, such business owners go to the bank and take repeated loans with high-interest rates and land in a vicious circle ending in bankruptcies. The chamber shall guide and assist with collective knowledge and experience by providing information, professional advice, and guidance to be successful. This will also be an opportunity to work with shared risk, to utilise the capacity available from other community members’ business, spread to risk, share project deliverables, share profits, and reduce capital investments. With fast rationalisation, members will have lesser financial burdens, and productivity of the community is increased.

This is a General Service for all members.

Through Chamber network, we provide preliminary legal assistance or documentation required and process, and guide owners make the right connects to establish and expand their businesses.

Chamber will help in choosing the right consultant from the network to provide such services.  The consultants will assist in areas such as; starting the legal process, tax benefits, legal complaints, labour law, visa process, limitation of a number of employees allowed from the local market and from abroad, financial deposits to be made, regular tax filing, etc.

Such preliminary advice services will be required by the businessmen wanting to set up business abroad, and before the going abroad, IICCB will provide preliminary advice from the legal and Secretarial desk.

This service will be on need base to specific members and using this service will build a good rapport with the businessman. Initially, few high demand states & country consultants will be targeted to have tie-up and IICCB acting as a referral agent.

The chamber will conduct Personality development programs for upcoming businesses, to create more trustful relations with the National & international customers. This is to impart the right practices and professional approach while facing customers and practices to meet finance and time commitments, polite behaviour. This will secure the interest and image of the Chamber and the Nation.

The chamber will develop an internal team to impart such skills to IICCB members and to conduct full-time training sessions.

This is a General Service for all members.

The chamber will offer donations to poor, orphans and widows to have a dignified life.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A separate vertical will be formed apart from core business activities. This vertical will be run with responsibilities to manage Profit & Loss statements, raise donations, and spend it on the needy. In addition to the CSR internal donations, a percentage of income from other business verticals will be shared with CSR vertical.

This is a General Service for all members.

The chamber will promote new and innovative IDEAs within the business community by conducting exclusive seminars and workshops.

It is an ongoing activity for Reward and Recognition. R&R, regular idea box drive will be conducted to demonstrate the idea, and study the project for technical, financial and commercial feasibility. Based on the feedback of the team, the idea will be supported for realisation.

This is a General Service for all members.

The chamber will organise meetings with foreign embassies & our IICCB members to understand opportunities overseas.

This is a vast area of opportunities, as there are many projects of India being executed in Foreign countries. Embassies have a commercial division to promote Indian products, and these offices have targets to promote exports and maintain trade deficits. Embassy offices offer such information about products. 

This is a special service for serious business members.

The chamber shall provide information about Govt funded projects at national & international level so that our community businesses participate in such opportunities directly.

Such projects will be large budget projects, and generally supported by prepayments by the Government, and generally executed by many sub-contractors.

This is a special case for selected members to manage specific high-end projects. IICCB will only give the guidance, the business owner decides how to manage the project acquisitions and executions.

The chamber will provide consultancy and services for many projects with bigger budgets. Circulate this kind of information with the community, and to get the allocated funds from the government for the deserving community.

This is a special service for selected members.

The Chamber shall provide talented resource information from IICCB database to other nations to choose from our community. HR consulting section will collaborate with foreign partners to supply mass skilled resource/technicians for major projects.

This is a General service for all members.

Chamber will provide required skill development training to our mid-level company CEO’S and business heads to uplift their businesses to next levels. This kind of training and consultancy of leadership programs will be conducted by separate training vertical, to help small-sized enterprises to mature into Medium-sized enterprise.

This is a General service for all members.

Leadership development program (LDP) and Management Development Program (MDP) for C-suite personnel like CEOs, COOs, etc. Chamber will Conduct certified programs with sponsorship or with discounted fees through renowned National and International institutions such as Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge universities.

These institutes offer such programs at a very high cost. Chamber will represent on behalf of members and negotiate for group discounts and transfer it to the members.

This is a special service for specific members.

The chamber will create opportunities to bring foreign manufactured products to IICCB members to become distributors in India & overseas.

IICCB will identify the market demand for foreign products and work on matching both sides of the business. Information on such opportunities will be shared with the members about the contributing factors such as resource availability at lesser prices, product variations, selling price, raw material availability at cheaper prices to be identified.

This is a special service for specific members.

Create freelancer’s and consultant’s database for members to avail quality services for temporary assignments or to fulfil any other requirements. With the IICCB skill-based database, it is an opportunity to utilise the resource from members before going into the open market.

This is a General service for all members.

The chamber will organise events and exhibitions by bringing reputable institutions to offer their courses and act as a mediator between educational institutions & students to place the right candidates in the right institution. Also, the chamber shall negotiate a bulk fee structure for the community students. Chamber shall counsel candidates into colleges and courses to choose their career paths. IICCB shall validate the credibility of the participating institutions thereby avoiding students from falling prey to fake institutions. Students may avail the assistance of in-house consultants and organisers during job fairs, whenever required.

This is a General Service for all members.

Chamber will develop special schemes and offerings for low-cost housing for the poor in association with government schemes and realtors.

Government allocates budget to allot homes for citizens below the poverty line. Frequently public is not aware of such schemes. Chamber will structure the complete chain of activities in this, and ensure it is used in construction activities and in allotment of homes to reach our needy community effectively. This scope will be under the vertical of Corporate social responsibility.

This is a General Service for all members.

Chamber will help to promote the family business to the next levels, such that they can compete as corporate.

Chamber will have an internal team to conduct business transformation & change management program and to focus on upgrading the skills to transform a family business into a corporate sector. This consultancy will be offered through chambers consulting business vertical.

This is a special service for specific members.

The chamber shall bring such required quality consultants on board to certify our businesses on a discounted pricing. So that they can compete with national & international opportunities with their offerings.

This is a special service for specific members.

It is very important that the community have good representation in all government departments. The chamber shall conduct required courses to prepare them to appear for Government job entrance examinations and provide exclusive counselling to succeed.

This is a General service for all members.

Chamber will have a team working to be under Liaison department to check Government schemes, find the sources, initiate dialogue with the Govt officials, and ensure the community gets the benefits of such schemes without any deviation in between.

This is a General Service for all members.

Chamber will offer Newsletter with regular IICCB updates and other information which will be useful to members.

It will have the recognition with hall of fame, chamber news, business promotion information, and selected articles from members.

This is a General Service for all members.

Chamber will conduct programs in association with NGO’s & other related associations who are engaged in promoting public civic sense.

This is a General Service for all members.

Chamber will Provide preliminary due diligence assistance to members, to deal with in the network without any risks from IICCB members database.

From IICCB database, the data will be as verified or unverified data to have the dependency on the information. Chamber will set the process in place for categorisation so that members can deal without hesitation in their minds for their business engagements.

Chamber will provide Verified data of members which are prepared after financial scrutiny of Balance sheets.

This is a General Service for all members.

The chamber shall provide intellectual and financial support to educational institutions, and for the development of our medical and healthcare organizations.

Our community has several secondary care hospitals which have not developed into tertiary or multispecialty centres. For both Educational and Healthcare organizations, Chamber shall identify the needs and find resources within India & abroad, and then support to upgrade them. Chamber will also maintain separate funds wherein interested members can participate and bring in investments from different sources.

This is a special service for specific members.

Reverse innovation or trickle-up innovation is an innovation made in developing countries with constrained resources and sold in developed countries as low-cost solutions/products. IICCB shall promote trickle-up innovation opportunities by creating a think tank of ideas and a consortium of scientists and incubator facilities to facilitate research and innovation of low-cost, high-performance products.

This is a General Service for all members.

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